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Family Law
The Law Offices of Stella Espinoza Browne focuses its practice primarily to the area of family law. We are dedicated to personalizing strategy and achieving quality legal solutions based on your particular set of circumstances. Our office handles matters related to all aspects of Family Law, including divorce, legal separation, annulment, domestic partnerships, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, property division, pre-nuptial agreement, post-marriage agreements, post-judgment proceedings, domestic violence, termination of parental rights, guardianship, step-parent adoptions and move-away custody issues. 

Being involved in a Family Law conflict is never easy. However, choosing an attorney who is experienced and compassionate makes the process much easier. Ms. Espinoza Browne understands family dynamics, the complex issues of California Family Law and has the wisdom and experience to guide you through the process.

We offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to discuss your legal issues and how we can help.
​Deciding to end a marriage is difficult, particularly when children are involved. We have helped hundreds of clients through the difficult process of divorce. In addition to aggressively representing our client’s interests, we understand the pressure felt by our clients going through the divorce process and we strive to address their particular concerns.

In California, a divorce is generally granted on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences.” California is a “no-fault divorce” state. Essentially, this allows one person to terminate the marriage, even if the other person does not want to end the marriage. A marriage may also dissolved on grounds of incurable insanity. 

California’s “no-fault” system acknowledges recognizes that both parties have played a role in the breakdown of the marriage and neither party is “punished” or held solely to blame regarding the marriage’s failure. One of the advantages of the “no-fault” system is that neither party has to spend time and money to prove grounds. It reduces litigation costs and time and allows the parties to focus on other issues that need resolutions, such as support, custody, and division of assets and debts.

Fault does not enter into how spousal support is calculated. In California, a Court will consider the length of the marriage, the couple’s ages, the standard of living during the marriage, the marketable skills of each party, each party’s health, financial obligations to children of other relationships, and a custodial parent’s need to stay at home with the child(ren).

Child Custody and Visitation
​Child Custody and Visitation (parenting time) can, and should be, tailored to each families needs and particular circumstances. Parenting plans should take into account the ages and needs of the children, as well as each parent's ability to provide appropriate care and supervision during their parenting time.

Physical and Legal Custody can be decided in a variety of ways. Our office can help you find the best parenting plan to meet your children's needs and best interests.

Child and Spousal Support
At the Law Offices of Stella Espinoza Browne we work diligently to resolve your support dispute efficiently and to reach a fair outcome. We are experienced in successfully obtaining favorable child and spousal support terms for our clients. No matter what stage your divorce is in, our we have the experience to handle your child support and spousal support issues.

Our office uses the most enhanced and up-to-date computer software  to calculate child and spousal support on a case-by-case basis to address each client’s particular circumstances.